We provide residential and commercial snow removal services. To best service our clients, we offer seasonal maintenance plans where clients are part of our regular routes. Our routing is based on a number of factors including, the established service trigger (i.e. the amount of snow in inches listed in your service agreement), individual site location, opening times for commercial locations, and the anticipated amount of snow during the event.Snow removal may be performed using a manual shovel, snow blower, or plow mounted on a truck/ machine, depending on each client’s specific situation, driveway, and pathway material. Back patios, stairs, and city sidewalks can be completed for an additional fee. 

Additionally, salt, and de-icing material can be applied at the request of the client for an additional fee. We highly recommend our seasonal program, as this allows us to perform a site assessment and mark the service site prior to snow being on the ground. When customizing maintenance programs for our clients, we are sensitive to safety, budget, and your overall access needs.

Snow Removal Programs are quoted as:
Seasonal Program

This program consists of one fee for the entire season based upon an established snowfall accumulation trigger and the parameters outlined within the client service agreement.

Per Snow Event Program

This program involves clients contacting us on a per event basis. Clients can book service directly through our website or call. We will communicate a timeframe of service to the client based upon our current routing and the general conditions of the snow event.

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