Design & Installation

Through a detailed discussion of our client’s objectives, we map a relevant range of possibilities for new and existing landscape. Careful consideration is made for the use of the space, the availability of sunlight, and the client’s yearly desire for flexibility and change. For existing landscape, we can consider general enhancements that are budget conscious, while still elevating the space above and beyond our client’s expectations. In other instances, we can evaluate a complete renovation of the space that opens new opportunities for planting shrubs, perennials, and varying types of ground cover. Our design and installation process looks like this:


Step 1: Initial Consultation And Assessment

Here we discuss your space and what it should mean to you. We feel this is important, as it sets the tone for the type of plants, ground cover, and shrubbery. Colors, availability of natural sunlight, and maintenance requirements are all part of this conversation, where we get to the heart of what you are seeking to accomplish.

Step 2: Design Presentation

After spending some time reflecting on our conversation and performing additional research, we set off to create design concepts that reflect on our initial consultation. We speak further about what to expect in terms of timelines, efforts to maintain, and investment. We work with clients to establish a range of design and investment possibilities that are a match for goals.

Design Presentation

Step 3: Design Follow Up And Approval

Once we finalize the design concept and proposal, we are ready for your approval to get your project on our schedule.

Step 4: Installation

Immediately prior to installation, we will reach out to coordinate our efforts. Safety and continuity to your location are our top priorities in scheduling your installation. From there our team will take extreme care to deliver on our proposal.

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